As a child, Bex was introduced to many spiritual teachers and practices, igniting a thirst for spiritual insight and physical wellbeing that has inspired her all of her life. Her father introduced her to meditation at age 4. She visited the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, at 6. In 1983, Ram Dass came to her family home to gather with a group of psychologists about a book he was writing. At 12, Bex had the honor of meeting the Dalai Lama and presenting him with a rose. Movement has also been a lifelong practice. Bex found yoga after competing in Division I college field hockey. An avid runner and hiker, yoga fast became her solace for reclaiming her breath and allowing her body to release.

In 2001, Bex received her first Reiki treatment, and after two years of study and practice, she completed all levels of Reiki Master training under Master Kerstin-Marie Wheale. Ordained as a minister in 2010 through the Center for Spiritual Healing, Bex continues her spiritual practice with meditation and an emerging intuitive healing practice. Since 2011, she has studied integral anatomy with Gil Hedley. Working in the lab has deepened her knowledge and extraordinary respect for the body, and has helped her to see life with new freshness and gratitude. 

Since 2003, Bex has worked one-on-one with clients in her own private space, UrbanGlo Studio, where she offers sessions in Pilates, yoga, Reiki and intuitive healing. Clients attest to feeling lighter, brighter, stronger and clearer—in mind and body—upon completion of a session.